Referring clients to JT Psychological Consultancy Services Ltd.

Extensive written details are not required from referrers; a brief paragraph in an email will suffice. Further details are gathered at the initial appointment.

How do I self-refer?

You can self-refer in the following ways: 

1. By emailing directly to (please provide telephone number as a second form of contact as some emails are not received).

2. By completing the form below 

JT Psychology can carry out assessment and treatment of individuals suffering from psychological conditions. Many patients self-refer but we also work very closely with third party companies to help their clients recover from their psychological issues.

We accept referrals from any and all areas of healthcare and professional services including: GPs, Doctors, Psychiatrists and all allied health professionals. It is not necessary for a health professional to refer you to JT Psychology, but in some circumstances it may be useful to visit your GP prior to attending your appointment with us, in order to rule out any possible underlying medical condition.

Please note: We no longer accept payment from insurers and require payment prior to each consultation from the patient.

We will provide you with a receipt of the fee(s) which you can then provide to your private health insurer to be reimbursed (if you have one). Please note your insurer may not provide the full reimbursement of fees.